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Courtesy of Mike Nugent

This page is still under construction, however, I have posted a few early contenders for some of the worst horror movies we've seen.

Notable Bad Horror


House of the Dead, AKA, "Uwe Boll Insults the Human Race." Boll really hit two birds with one stone on this one. Not only did he make the absolute worst video-game-to-movie adaptation ever, but he quite possibly made THE WORST ZOMBIE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Good job Boll. YOU SUCK!


Ah, Return of the Living Dead: 3, you successfully took the best zombie flick franchise from the pinnacle of awesomeness down to the bowels of zombie Hell. We have to wonder if the writer of this beauty ever sat down and watched Return of the Living Dead. It sure doesn't seem like it.


House IV. William Katt must not be getting too many movie offers these days. His appearance in this movie was nothing more than plain bizarre. Katt reprises his role as Roger Cobb, but it would seem that this is in name only. This Cobb has nothing to do with the Cob of the original movie. It's a completely different story; only this one is not funny, not scary, not entertaining, poorly written, poorly acted, makes me want to drink, gives me a headache, causes vomiting... have I made my point? Sean Cunningham owes us all an apology for this one.

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